Solution Preparation: From salt to solution

Solution Preparation
Time to complete course: 30 min.

About the Solution Preparation Virtual Lab Simulation

Prepare to become a solution champion! In this simulation, you will complete all the steps involved in preparing an aqueous solution of a given molarity from ammonium chloride – a water-soluble salt, from start to storage.

Use that balance

Your first mission will be to determine the exact amount of ammonium chloride needed for your solution. When the calculations are sorted, you will move to your first workbench, where you’ll find an analytical balance. You will use this instrument of high precision to obtain just the right amount of the substance. It’s a tricky procedure, but you’ll have unlimited time and attempts to get it right.

Glassware and quantitative transfer

Moving on to the second workbench, you will explore and determine what glassware will be appropriate for you to use. Your lab guide and mentor, Dr. One, will walk you through the process of preparing the solution. You will have the freedom to use the equipment as you like, but only by following Dr. One’s instructions will you be successful in making the right solution. To make sure you can always redo essential steps of the process, Dr. One will provide you with a fantastic reset button, so you can try again if you make a mistake.

Solve the preparation

In the end, only by carefully ensuring that the right amount of water and ammonium chloride is used can you make the correct solution. Are you prepared for solving how to perform a Solution Preparation?

Get Started Now

Join your fantastic lab guide Dr. One in preparing a tricky aqueous solution of ammonium chloride using an analytical balance, which your colleagues need for an important analysis.

Techniques In Lab

  • Correct use of analytical balance

Learning Objectives

At the end of this simulation, you will be able to…

  • Prepare an aqueous solution of a specific concentration from a pure salt
  • Correctly use an analytical balance, a volumetric pipette, a volumetric flask, and a measuring cylinder
  • Explain the relationship between molarity and mass concentration

Screenshots of Solution Preparation Virtual Lab Simulation


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