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Antibodies: Why are some blood types incompatible?
Aseptic Technique: Culture your sample without contamination
Atomic Structure
Atomic Structure: Assess the possibility of life on other planets
Benedict’s Test for Simple Carbohydrates (NEW)
Biomes: Identify and create the main biomes on Earth
Biuret’s Test for Protein (NEW)
Carbohydrates: The sugars that feed us
Carbon Valence, Hybridization and Angles
Cell Division (Principles)
Cell Division (Principles): Mitosis and Meiosis
Cell Membrane and Transport
Cell Membrane and Transport: Learn how transporters keep cells healthy
Cell Membrane and Transport: Types of transporter proteins (NEW)
Cell Structure
Cell Structure: Cell theory and internal organelles
Cellular Respiration (Principles)
Cellular Respiration (Principles): Measure energy consumption during exercise
Cellular Respiration: Glycolysis (NEW)
Cellular Respiration: Respirometry (NEW)
Cellular Respiration: The Electron Transport Chain (NEW)
Cellular Respiration: The Krebs Cycle (NEW)
Electron Transport Chain
Electron Transport Chain: A rollercoaster ride that produces energy
Embryology: Discover the genetics of limb development
Enzyme Kinetics
Enzyme Kinetics
Evolution: Are you related to a sea monster?
Evolution: Founding theories and principles
Evolution: Journey of the canids (NEW)
Evolution: Taxonomic tree of life (NEW)
Experimental Design
Experimental Design
Fermentation: Optimize bio-ethanol production
Fluorescence Microscopy
Functional Groups and Basic Chemical Tests
Gel Electrophoresis: Visualize and separate nucleic acids
Hydrocarbon Nomenclature and Representations
Inheritance with Pedigree Trees (NEW)
Inheritance with Punnett Squares (NEW)
Introduction to Food Macromolecules
Introduction to Food Macromolecules
Introduction to Protein Synthesis (NEW)
Iodine Test for Complex Carbohydrates (NEW)
Lab Safety
Lab Safety
Light Microscopy
Marine Biology
Marine Biology: Investigate a massive fish death
Meiosis: How is color blindness inherited? (NEW)
Meiosis: Understand how traits are inherited
Mendelian Inheritance
Mendelian Inheritance: From genes to traits
Mitosis: Using a toxic compound from the yew tree in cancer therapy
Next Generation Sequencing
Next Generation Sequencing
Perform a Dry Western Blot (NEW)
Pigment Extraction
Pigment Extraction: Use photosynthesis to produce biofuel and reduce pollution
Pipetting: Master the technique
Protein Synthesis
Protein Synthesis
RNA Extraction
RNA Extraction: Sample and purify mRNA from pigs
Signal Transduction: Choose the best cancer inhibitor (NEW)
Signal Transduction
Signal Transduction: How Cells Communicate
Solution Preparation
Solution Preparation: From salt to solution
Spectrophotometers: Building and exploring the instrument
Spectrophotometry: Learn the Beer-Lambert law with absorbance experiments
Sudan IV Test for Lipids (NEW)
Trophic Levels
Trophic Levels: Grazer vs. predator
Western Blot Transfer: Prepare for protein detection (NEW)


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