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Action Potential
Action Potential: Experiment with a squid neuron
Atomic Structure
Atomic Structure: Assess the possibility of life on other planets
Bacterial Cell Structures
Bacterial Cell Structures: An introduction to the bacterial cell
 Bacterial Growth Curves
Bacterial Growth Curves: Experiment with bacterial growth
Bacterial Quantification by Culture
Bacterial Quantification by Culture: Count bacteria with serial dilution
Basic Chemistry Thermodynamic
Basic Chemistry Thermodynamics: Solve the challenge of storing renewable energy
Behavioral Thermoregulation
Behavioral Thermoregulation: Help keep a gecksi alive!
Biodiversity: Assess and compare biodiversity on an exoplanet
Cancer Pharmacology
Cancer Pharmacology: Provide recommendations in a multi-million dollar project
Cardio-respiratory Physiology
Cardio-Respiratory Physiology: How can seals dive so deep for so long?
Cardiovascular Function During Exercise
Cardiovascular Function During Exercise: Learn how your body responds to exercise
Cellular Respiration
Cellular Respiration: Measure energy consumption during exercise
Competition: Learn to identify and quantify competition between species
Concrete Materials Testing
Concrete Materials Testing: Learn the key properties of durable concrete
Confocal Microscopy
Confocal Microscopy
Control of Microbial Growth
Control of Microbial Growth: Explore decontamination and selective toxicity
Cytogenetics: Perform a prenatal diagnosis
 Ecological niches
Ecological Niches: Choose the right Kuppelfang to bring to Earth!
Ecosystem Dynamics
Ecosystem Dynamics: Assess the effect of fertilizers on the phosphorus cycle
Electron Transport Chain
Electron Transport Chain: A rollercoaster ride that produces energy
Endocrinology: Learn how contraceptives work
Food webs
Food webs: Learn about interactions between trophic levels
Foraging: Build a foraging theory to save the crops
Gene Expression Unit
Gene Expression Unit: Use sequencing to unveil a gene linked to obesity
Gene Regulation
Gene Regulation
Genetic Transfer in Bacteria
Genetic Transfer in Bacteria: Prevent the rise of superbugs!
Identification of Unknown Bacteria
Identification of Unknown Bacteria: Help save baby Kuppelfangs from an epidemic!
Intestinal Glucose Transport
Intestinal Glucose Transport: Study a mouse intestine model to diagnose an infant
Invertebrate Model System
Invertebrate Model System: Find the genetic cause of a disease using C. elegans
Lab Safety
Lab Safety
Labster Demo
Labster Demo
Landscape Ecology
Landscape Ecology: Determine persistence in a spatially heterogeneous landscape
Law of Universal Gravitation
Law of Universal Gravitation: Use gravity to orbit the moon
Materials Science with Neutrons
Materials Science with Neutrons: Observe what happens inside a battery
Matter and Phase Changes
Matter and Phase Changes: Distill ethanol
Organic Chemistry Introduction
Organic Chemistry Introduction: Learn about organic compounds
Periodic Table of Elements
Periodic Table of Elements: Get the table organized in time!
Pigment Extraction
Pigment Extraction: Use photosynthesis to produce biofuel and reduce pollution
Pipetting: Master the technique
Population Growth
Population Growth: Let’s catch some goslins!
Renal Physiology
Renal Physiology: Find the mode of action of a diuretic drug
RNA Extraction
RNA Extraction: Sample and purify mRNA from pigs
Sensory transduction
Sensory Transduction: Learn why you feel pain when you get hit by a rock
Skeletal Muscle
Skeletal Muscle: Learn about the muscles we use to walk and run
Smooth muscle
Smooth muscle: Learn how your gut contracts!
Solution Preparation
Solution Preparation: From salt to solution
Spatial Ecology
Spatial Ecology: Learn how the environment can influence the distribution of species
Stoichiometric calculations
Stoichiometric Calculations: Identify an unknown compound using gravimetric analysis
The Gram Stain
The Gram Stain: Identify and differentiate bacteria
Thermal Homeostasis
Thermal Homeostasis: Apply thermoregulation to climate change
Tissue Engineering
Tissue Engineering
Titration: Neutralize an acid lake contamination
Viral Gene Therapy
Viral Gene Therapy: Use DNA to prevent heart failure